French-German experimental duo with vocals, synthesizer, violin, mandolin, electronic drums and effects presenting their own compositions influenced by the Parisian jazz scene



This duo was founded out of a deep French-German friendship between violinist Robin and singer Laura in 2018.

Their compositions remind us of folky shperes and experimental pop but still the roots in Parisian jazz are hearable.


With a mixture of acoustic and electric sounds from violin, mandolin, synths, drum machine and effects on voice and instruments, the music of the two musicians transforms into a warm auditory cloud that makes you hold your breath with melodies that will stay in your memory.



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Their next EP is on its way and will be released and available on Spotify and social media soon.



Robin and Laura play concerts all around France and Germany.

In 2019 they played among others in locations as Baiser Salé Paris and at jazzopen Festival Stuttgart.


They also were choosen to be part of competitons and became finalists of the Züblin Kulturpreis Germany in the category singer/songwriter.

Live recording at CNSM Paris

Live at JazzOpen Stuttgart - summer 2019