Quiet Land

Speak Loh , the trio around bass player Jens Loh,  features Lauras voice and lyrics that match perfectly with the extraordinary compositions of her musical companion Jens. Deeply rooted in traditional jazz, but in love with the sound of chansons and folk music, they make the sound of a beautiful landscape hearable in every song


The trio consists of leader and bassplayer Jens Loh, parisian pianist William Lecomte and drummer Eckhard Stromer.

The group features Laura Kipp who's writing lyrics for Jens Lohs and her own compositions.


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The quartet is currently recording their debut studio album with many special guests. Stay tuned!


After concerts in Germany just as jazz clubs in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and Lindau the group played their first tour in France in January 2020.


Studio recordings from 2018 are available on social media and their newest singles with videos will be published soon.

Still - Live in Lindau

Impressions from our last tour in January 2020 in France - Live from Jazz Club Grenoble